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Some women masturbate to music or even put on sexy lingerie to get off. but I don't. I just want to orgasm then go on with my day or evening.".

Eleven women get real about their masturbating habits, like how often they masturbate, when they masturbate, at what time of the day they.

I'm a busy woman. So I decided to do an experiment: one week of masturbating at work, . I successfully get off in the middle of the day.

Masturbation Month is upon us, which means two things. my case to a human woman and then see myself past the goalposts. In the middle of the day I would do it again if say, I was bored or need a break from doing work.

FROM porn habits to self-pleasure, thousands of Fabulous readers took part in our exclusive no-holds-barred sex survey. And it seems that.