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We asked some women who sleep with men why they'd prefer an average 'Too big a penis actually hurts in many cases, and it's harder to be.

I love the feeling of being totally stretched out. We Spoke to Size Queens About Why They Prefer Big Dicks This preference can involve oral, vaginal and anal sex; both men and women might describe themselves as size queens. On the one hand, Matt feels like he was treated as a plaything—one of.

"Girth is definitely a game-changer for getting off, so in my opinion that's the real advantage of a big dick. It's really more how they use it though.

Originally Answered: Why woman prefer big dick? .. my impression is that most are keen to try a large penis "for the experience", more than it being something.

Too Big To Handle: The Best Sex Positions For Very Large Penises Like being on top in cowgirl, cradle position allows the partner to control.