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A Zuni fetish, or wemawe, is a carved object of an animal or revered god made by Because animals, with their fangs, claws, sharp eyes, and other keen senses, are View Navajo Picasso Marble Turquoise Spiritline Coral MOP Bear Fetish.

Native American Zuni Jet Turquoise Pipestone MOP Bear Fetish With Inlaid Rain . Old Pawn Fred Harvey Era Navajo Bear Paw Pin Ingot Sterling Silver.

Mother of Pearl bear claw necklace, luminescent hand carved mop pendant, unique .. Southwestern Orange Aventurine Carved Bear Fetish Beaded Necklace.

Sterling silver, Stormy Mountain Turquoise and Bears Claws. Massive Vintage Navajo Sterling Turquoise Bear Fetish Cuff Grams, hand signed RARE CARVED FLUSH INLAY Turquoise/Onyx/MOP ZUNI NAVAJO * BEAR * Brooch.

Early Native American Zuni Bear Fetish, With A turquoise Arrowhead Strapped to Its Back. From personal Early Native American T Coral Bear Claw Necklace $ 26" MOP BIRD FETISH NECKLACE HEISHI BEAD ZUNI.