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Catherine the Great: X-rated sex rumour plaguing Russian empress catherine the great of russia sex

Legends abound about Catherine the Great—the good kind and the bad kind. In the plus column, the longest-reigning empress of Russia.

During and after the reign of the flamboyant and powerful Empress Catherine II of Russia, but she often disgraced both her rank and sex: by the second, she was led to undertake many laudable projects, which were seldom completed, and.

Empress of Russia Catherine the Great. Leemage/Corbis/Getty Images. She ruled over all of Russia for more than three decades, expanding its.

Katie Lambert: And today's topic is the lovers of Catherine the Great. We already talked Her sex life with her husband was practically non-existent. And she needed to Katie Lambert: And he helped save Russia from plague. So you can​.

HBO's new limited series Catherine the Great is a lavish look at the life (and lovers) of the famous Russian empress.