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Clothes were few and far between for Miley Cyrus when she hosted the Video Music Awards on Aug. 30, but at this point, her nudity isn’t even a shock anymore.​ The year-old is constantly getting naked, and her past on Hannah Montana is what’s pushed her to always take things to.

Remember when Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana - a squeaky Miley Cyrus: From Disney princess to a NAKED music video - in pictures.

A Miley Cyrus film may or may not be heading to a porn festival.​ A Miley Cyrus BDSM-themed short called "Tongue Tied" was rumored to be part of the New York City Porn Festival.​ Like everything else the thirsty former Disney star does, this got a ton of hype: The whole world would.

Just in case your kids have been yearning to see what Disney's Hannah Montana would look like if she were half naked, emerging from bed.

Miley Cyrus is bound to have fun on her forthcoming nude tour. When last we caught up with the former Hannah Montana star on this front.