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SUCTION PLATE - The anti-vortex drain cover complies with new Federal laws .. My cover fits on top of the mounting plate at the bottom of the pool, so perfect.

Hayward WGXE 8-Inch White Cover Replacement for Hayward Suction and Hayward WGAVPAK2 Main Drain Anti-Vortex 2 In. Side X In. Bottom.

Circular main drain Ø mm with antivortex grille. All main drains made Side connection 2″ and bottom connection 11/2″ with knockout. Maximum flow:

This anti-vortex main drain cover will fit most swimming pools, including inground styles. Bottom Drain Kit For Above Ground Steel Wall Swimming Pools.

An anti-vortex, flush-mounted floor drain for swimming pools support means for said cover member attached to the bottom of said main.