Vaginal burning: 10 causes and treatments - vaginal area soreness


Why Does My Vagina Hurt? 10 Causes of Vagina Pain vaginal area soreness

in the vagina or the female external.

After all, these tissues naturally swell with arousal, as blood and fluids rush to the area. But if you're experiencing pain in addition.

In females, the vagina is the passage from the cervix to the vulva. Pain or discomfort in your vagina is often the result of a medical or psychological issue.

The pain could be coming from your actual vagina (the internal organ) or from the labia and skin that form your vulva (your outside genitalia).

Pain in the vagina or the female external genital organs (the vulva, which includes the labia, clitoris, and entrance to the vagina) most commonly is a result of.