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Bear Carnival – Europe´s biggest bear programme! bear speed dating gay

If you're a bear, cub, wolf, otter, or lover of all things scruffy, come participate in our gay speed dating event! Are you a Yogi bear in search of a.

Registration Cost: $ Location: Gossip, 9th Ave Two Groups: ages 23 - 38 and ages 39 - 55 pm checkin / pm (prompt) start. To Register, Visit.

If you're a fuzzy dude or a total admirer, then head to this speed-dating hustle, where you can meet the furball of your dreams.

This year for Southern Hibearnation , Luke decided to share with everybody some 'pro tips' about bear dating! With the help of Mark and.

If you're a bear, cub, wolf, otter, have some continuous scruff, or admire a man with a fuzzy face, this gay speed dating event at Etcetera Etcetera in New York.