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Example of a Fiction Synopsis: "The Way, Way Back" young adult books cliff notes

Books shelved as cliff-notes: Cliffs Notes on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream by Matthew Black, Count of Monte Cristo by Arnie Jacobson, Cliffs N.

Born in , Louie Zamperini was the child of Italian immigrants.​ Growing up in Torrance amidst poverty and anti-Italian bias, Louie got in the habit of running outside the law.​ Chapters 12–17 describe the days that Louie spent adrift, trying to survive in the vast Pacific Ocean.

This story about a brave young girl taming her horse is told in the third person. With the completion of this novel, Hinton took a seven-year break in her writing to​.

I have read every YA novel in the world. Not really (I'm just Sparknotes 8 Weirdly Specific Things That Happen in Every Young Adult Novel.

This synopsis is designed to serve as an example for writers trying to compose their own summaries for either middle grade or young adult.