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Yoni massage therapy: what exactly is it and what does it do? vagina masage

From deep tissue to hot stone, there isn't much the massage industry has not offered. But the latest craze is for the most intimate treatment yet.

Basically, a yoni massage is a tantric massage for your vagina, and its roots go way back. “The word 'yoni' comes from the ancient Sanskrit.

Nothing beats a good massage but have you heard about the latest trend, vagina massages? That's right, according to Women's Health, an increasing number.

Yoni massage (yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina) is a spiritual treatment practiced for s of years in both India and in China for healing.

Well first of all, we're calling the vagina a 'yoni'. Vaginal massage is fast becoming a 'thing', and despite it sounding like something that comes.