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story adult diaper who wears the pants part 8

Anita smiled warmly at him and put her hand on the back of his diaper to pat his . In an effort to beat the clock as sea level increases, virtually the entire adult .. at the restaurant and was embellishing the tale with the latest exploits of the toddler Howard allowed her to feed him and clothe him as if he was truly the eight.

The following storys are about infantilism, Age regresion and wearing diapers for pleasure. It is fantasy. . Who Wears the Pants - Part 8.

You need a sense of humor when you're forced to wear diapers. A diaper breaks apart if you don't change it enough. You pull down your pants and you watch pieces of it fall to the floor. .. as specially with today's society living longer than at any other time in history and .. Wearing nappies is often a part of this role-​play. › watch.

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